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This page is intended to provide aid and suggestions for those wishing to contribute to the wiki. Basic help on the editor can be found here. This can be added to if you see something the wiki needs.

Page Templates

Various page types have a blank page template which can be copy/pasted to a new page and then the details added. Templates used within these pages (such as infoboxes) have their own page you can visit for more information.

Feel free to message an admin if you have any questions!

General Tips

  • Don't use first-person on wiki article pages - wiki articles should state a fact, not an opinion.
  • On Talk pages, which are identified by having "Talk:(article name)" as the title, sign your name after your message by using four tildes, which is this symbol: ~
  • If you don't have time to write a full article, consider writing a stub.
  • An article should not contain more than 500 words. If you see that there's too much to be written about a specific subject, consider breaking it down in separate pages and linking to them.
  • Use pictures whenever you can since pictures demonstrate better what the article is about.
  • Add sections to the text you are writing, separating topics.