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Undead Legion
Will of the Crypt

The art of reanimating skeletal remains is among the first rites of aspiring Necromancers, but also one of the most rudimentary. Through sheer will, a Necromancer may call upon the spirits beyond the veil and draw them into the bones of the deceased. Should the ritual succeed, skeletal minions, loyal only to the summoner, shall rise.

Skeletons scale with Pet bonuses. More powerful minions may be raised with higher skill rank.


This skill allows the player to summon 3 Skeletal Warriors. The first Modifier gradually adds 1 to 5 additional skeletons to the summon limit, +7 at maximum ultimate rank.

Four types of Skeleton can be summoned:

  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Skeletal Archer
  • Skeletal Arcanist
  • Skeletal Revenant

The chance for each type to spawn is weighted according to skill level, with the more powerful Arcanists and Revenants more common at higher skill levels.

The skeleton's abilities increase as your characters level increases.

A rare drop (mace) from the warden increases the number of skeletons further.

Skill Progression

Level Stats
1/16 80 Energy Cost

18 Second Skill Recharge

Summons 3

3 Summon Limit

Skeletal Warrior Attributes:

x Health

x Energy

Skeletal Warrior Abilities:

Ancient Weapons

3-7 Physical Damage
4 Vitality Damage
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