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The Oathkeeper


Whether they hail frm the Temple of Menhir, or offer their souls to the Witch Gods, all Oathkeepers have two things in common: unflinching loyalty and zealous fury. Oathkeepers are the guardians of sacred tombes, keepers of the faiful and ardent enforceds of celestial will They do not merely hide behind a shield or their divine powers; to Oathkeepers, these are weapons upon which they shall spill the blood of the unworthy and exact their righteous wrath.

Skill Tree

1 5 10 15 20 25 32 40 50

OathkeeperAll Active Skills

Mastery Progression

Mastery Icon5.png Zealous embodiment of celestial will.

Each point invested in the Oathkeeper skill mastery gives the following stat bonuses:

  • +5 Physique
  • +3 Cunning
  • +3 Spirit
  • +25 Health
  • +13 Energy

Class Combinations

Inquisitor Skills
Active Skills
Word of Renewal (Word of Arms, Vigor, Steel Resolve) • Word of Pain (Word of Agony, Death Sentence) • Horn of GandarrRune of Hagarrad (Biting Cold, Chillsurge) • Storm Box of Elgoloth (Allagast's Arcane Net, Lightning Tether) • Inquisitor Seal (Null Field, Arcane Empowerment) • Deadly AimRune of Kalastor (Ignition) • Artifact Handling
Passive Skills
Ranged ExpertiseBursting RoundChilling RoundsStorm Spread
Channeled Skills
Flames of Ignaffar (Tainted Flame, Intensify, Infernal Purge, Endless Flame)
Toggle Skills
Aura of ConvictionAura of Censure

Necromancer Skills
Active Skills
Siphon Souls (Sear Souls, Blood Boil) • Drain Essence (Gravechill, Hungering Reach, Decomposition) • Ravenous Earth (Decay, Foul Eruption) • Bone Harvest (Harvester of Death, Dread, Soul Harvest) • Ill OmenCall of the GraveMark of Torment
Passive Skills
Reaping StrikeNecrotic Edge
Toggle Skills
Harbinger of SoulsMaster of DeathSpectral Binding (Spectral Wrath)
Summoning Skills
Reap SpiritRaise Skeletons (Undead Legion, Will of the Crypt) • Summon Blight Fiend (Unstable Anomaly, Rotting Fumes, Blight Burst)

Oathkeeper Skills
Active Skills
Eye of Reckoning (Soulfire) • Vire's Might (Volcanic Might, Volcanic Stride, Tectonic Shift) • Aegis of MehnirJudgement (Crushing Verdict, Heart of Wrath) • Righteous Fervor (Dreeg's Reproach, Consecration, Retribution) • ResilienceAscension (Clarity of Purpose)
Passive Skills
SmiteSafeguardShattering SmashAvenging ShieldAegis of ThornsReprisal
Toggle Skills
Divine MandatePresence of Virtue (Haven, Rebuke) • Path of the Three
Summoning Skills
Summon Guardian of Empyreon (Scion of Dreeg, Celestial Presence)