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Guardsman's Raiment

Item sets are a group of Unique Items that are linked thematically, in name, appearance and purpose.

Sets can consist of two or more items, and can include any type of armor, weapon or accessory.

Sets also feature incremental bonuses, with more bonuses being granted as more pieces of the set are equipped.

List of Sets


Level Req. Related Class Build Type
Explorer's Garments 20 All None
Guardsman's Raiment 22 Soldier Mace/Shield
Maiven's Sanctuary 25 Arcanist None
Marauder's Justice 26 Demolitionist/Arcanist Dual pistol
Bloodreaper's Glory 30 Nightblade Axe/Sword dual wield
Brimstone 30 Demolitionist
Miasma 30 Occultist
Wildcaller 30 Shaman
Wrath of Alkamos 30 -
Herald's Regalia 35 All
The Apothecary 40 -
Oathbreaker 40 Demolitionist
Perdition 40 All
Carnage 50 Soldier/Nightblade
The Praetorian 50 -
Royal Exuberance 50 All
Adornments of Valiance 58 Soldier
The Eastern Pledge 58 Arcanist
Sharpshooter's Mark 60 Demolitionist
The Arcane Storm 72 Arcanist
Callidor's Regalia 72 Arcanist
Elemental Balance 72 Arcanist/Demolitionist
Keeper of the Flame 72 Demolitionist
Mogdrogen's Tranquility 72 Shaman
Myrmidon Armor 72 Soldier
Dawnguard 75 Shaman/Soldier
The Paragon of Arcanum 75 Arcanist
The Unseeing Eye 75 Nightblade
Unholy Covenant 75 Occultist

Empowered Epic

Level Req. Related Class
Absolution 65 All
Bloodreaper's Carnage 65 Nightblade
Deathly Miasma 65 Occultist
Everburning Brimstone 65 Demolitionist
Herald's Markings 65 All
Maiven's Sanctum 65 Arcanist
Marauder's Judgement 65 Arcanist/Demolitionist
Oathbreaker's Flame 65 Demolitionist
Peacekeeper's Raiment 65 Soldier
The Soothsayer 65 Occultist/Soldier
Wildcaller's Call 65 Shaman


Level Req. Related Class
Barrelsmith's Twins 65 Demolitionist
Beastcaller's Regalia 68 Shaman/Occultist
The Clairvoyant 68 Arcanist/Occultist
Dawnbreaker's Light 68 Shaman/Soldier
Invoker's Elements 68 Arcanist
Judicator's Signets 68 All
Justicar Armor 68 Demolitionist/Soldier
The Sacred Balance 68 Demolitionist/Nightblade
Wildblood Vanguard 68 Shaman
The Deathmark 75 Nightblade
Demonslayer's Garb 75 Nightblade
The Harbinger 75 Occultist
Iskandra's Unity 75 Arcanist
Markovian's Fortress 75 Soldier
Shroud of Dreeg 75 Occultist
Trozan's Ascension 75 Arcanist/Shaman
Ultos' Storm 75 Shaman
Ulzuin's Avatar 75 Demolitionist
Valdun's Treachery 75 Demolitionist/Soldier

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