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Grim Dawn features a Faction system, which allows the player to take advantage of the reputation (and infamy) gained with the various npc groups of Cairn. A player can aid a faction by slaying their enemies or undertaking quests given out by the various NPCs of that faction. However, a player will only begin earning reputation with a faction from slaying monsters once they have completed an inital quest for that faction. Once a player has earned enough favor with a faction they will begin to unlock unique rewards such as discounts at vendors, access to previously inaccessible quests, and faction-only items.

Similarly, increasing reputation with enemy factions will see them become increasingly hostile, causing  more powerful monsters to spawn.


There are a total of 11 Factions, with 7 friendly and 4 hostile. However, the player must eventually choose between the order of Death's Vigil and Kymon's Chosen, and the rejected group then also becomes an enemy faction.

Faction Black Legion Icon.png The Black Legion Faction Aetherials Icon.png Aetherials
Faction Devil's Crossing Icon.png Devil's Crossing Faction Cthonians Icon.png Chthonians
Faction Homestead Icon.png Homestead Faction Cronley's Gang Icon.png Cronley's Gang
Faction Kymon's Chosen Icon.png Kymon's Chosen Faction Undead Icon.png Undead
Faction Death's Vigil Icon.png Order of Death's Vigil
Faction Rovers Icon.png Rovers
Faction Outcast Icon.png The Outcast

Reputation Tiers

The Faction window.

There are 9 tiers of reputation, starting off at the Tolerated tier and progressing thereafter towards either a stronger alliance or deeper hostility. A player's alignment with the various factions is indicated in the Faction window.

Friendly Levels

  • Tolerated (+)(1-1500)
  • Friendly (+)(1-3500)
  • Respected (+)(1-5000)
  • Honored (+)(1-20000)
  • Revered (+)

Hostile Levels

  • Hostile (-)(1-5000)
  • Despised (-)(1-8500)
  • Hated (-)(1-20000)
  • Nemesis (-)

Reaching Despised Status will introduce additional champion spawns, sometimes with monsters that do not normally spawn in an area appearing to bolster their forces.

Upon reaching Hated Status, an increased rate of Hero Monster spawns for that faction wherever their forces are found. In the case of Kymon’s Chosen and the Order of Death’s Vigil, this will be the first time their heroes are encountered.

On reaching Nemesis Status, Nemesis spawns can be found. Each hostile faction has a Nemesis that can spawn in that faction's territory. These are rare ultra-tough bosses with powerful abilities, along with larger loot drops and a higher chance of rare Blueprints.

Faction Equipment

Each friendly faction offers its own specific equipment for purchase, available from the Faction Quartermasters as rewards for gaining reputation.


Factions offer Bounties via their respective Bounty Tables. These are small quests where the player can earn additional rewards and reputation. There are a total of 145 Bounty Missions across the 7 friendly factions.

Writs and Mandates


You can use these items, purchased from Quartermasters, to boost reputation gain on the next difficulty and with your alternate characters.



Nemesis bosses have a chance to drop Warrants, which boost Infamy gained with the respective faction by 50% across all difficulties. Warrants can be freely traded between players.

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