Decent into Torment
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Broken Hills




Side Quest


Old Scars




Xp, Skeleton Key, Blueprint

This is an Act 2 side quest offered by Kalderos outside the entrance of the Steps of Torment in the Broken Hills.


  • Slay Grand Priest Zarthuzellan (0/1)
  • Speak to Kalderos in the Steps of Torment


Grand Priest Zarthuzellan is located in his room toward the north-east end of Misery, the third level of the Steps of Torment. The portcullis at the bridge to his room will lock behind you until he is defeated.

Kalderos will be waiting in the room by the Gates of Anguish. Speak to him to receive your reward.


Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 7500 18000 76000
Item Skeleton Key
Item Blueprint: Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key will allow you to unlock the Gates of Anguish, which lead to the fourth and fifth levels of the Steps of Torment (Suffering and Anguish). On unlocking the door the key will be used up and another must be crafted with the blueprint to enter again.

Quest Log

Quest log
Kalderos has instructed you to descend into the Steps of Torment, the ruined remnants of Arkovia's dark history. Once inside, you must seek out the Grand Priest Zarthuzellan, who resides on the third floor. When you have destroyed the corrupted priest, the way will be clear to the doors sealing off the deepest pits of the Steps of Torment. The Steps of Torment are located deep within the Broken Hills.


  • Slay Grand Priest Zarthuzellan
You have destroyed the undead remains of Grand Priest Zarthuzellan and earned the right to your reward. Speak with the spirit of Kalderos, who is awaiting you within Zarthuzellan's chamber in the Steps of Torment, on the third floor.


  • Speak to Kalderos in the Steps of Torment


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