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Anasteria (also known as The Outcast) is a Possessed witch in Fort Ikon Prison. She is the focus of The Aetherial Witch quest.

The player has two choices, they can decide to ally with her (giving them The Outcast faction quests) or to kill her (giving them a new dungeon: Fort Ikon Prison), transforming her into a unique boss creature.

It seems that her power depends the reputation level you have with her, so the more you kill her, the more powerful she will be.

Family: Human

Genus: Witch


  • Aether Circles
  • Aether Bombs
  • Aether Meteors
  • Aether Aura

Reputation-Based Abilities

  • Despised Level: Minions of the Outcast

Anasteria will have two Ironside Hulk to back her at the beginning of the encounter.

  • Hated Level: Wrath of the Outcast
  • Nemesis Level: Vengeance of the Outcast

Anasteria will become Anasteria, Wrath of the Aether, it seems that she is more powerful in that state and her damage dealt will be greater, she also may have more Health.

Notable Drops